City Beautification Project: New trees lining the north of Broomfield High School on Miramonte
In the summer of 2009, Marv Eakes, a Broomfield High School neighbor and long-time Booster, had a vision for improving the landscape near Broomfield High School. He noticed that for many years, the sidewalk north of the high school - where he often took his walks – was more of a “dandelion nursery” and lay barren, flat and uninteresting compared to other walkways in the city. He envisioned that one day trees could line this sidewalk, providing shade and a more pleasing atmosphere for those passing through the area. There were many challenges, chief among them getting water to the area and identifying staff to maintain the trees once planted. Marv began by working with local leaders and charity organizations to see if there was some way to collectively improve the property.
Thus began a seven-year project to accomplish his vision. Conversations with BHS alums, service clubs and BVSD officials elicited reactions ranging from encouraging words to “the budget is too tight”.  Marv called and spoke with BHS administration, the City of Broomfield, the administration of the Boulder Valley School District, members of both Broomfield Rotary Clubs and the BHS Boosters. Over a dozen officials were contacted about the project until 2016, when he was able to supplement his own person donation with funding from the Broomfield Crossing Rotary Club, BVSD and the BHS Booster Club. BVSD Maintenance Coordinator Frank Martinez was instrumental in working Marv and the other staff and funders to see the project through to its completion. BHS assisted by bringing water to the area and agreeing to maintain the trees. After the trees were initially planted, vandals tore branches off the new trees but BHS Principal Ginger Ramsey had them quickly replaced, saying, “we will not let people like that win.”
Today, the beautiful tree-lined walkway is once again thriving and growing. Marv looks at the realization of his vision and is very happy with the project, “I’m very grateful to Frank Martinez, the Broomfield Crossing Rotary Club, BHS and its supporters.” Jeff Jones, President of the Broomfield Crossing Rotary Club says of the project: “Rotary is always happy to help improve our community and this was a great project toward that goal.” As time passes, the area will become even more beautiful as the trees grow and become a larger part of the landscape there.