We would like to give a big “Thank You” to each person who helped with the Santa Visits this week. A special thanks to Pete Nims who insisted on being at every visit. He was a great help. As in past years, each event went very smoothly and the kids all ended their visit with Santa with a twinkle in their eye, except for a few tears from the wee little ones as usual. Each event was a success and special in its own way. We were scheduled to visit with over 250 kids, but the cold weather kept a few from seeing Santa.

At the HHS party on Thursday night, we had 58 children and teens visit Santa to receive their sack of candy and gift cards. The children had a blast with all the games, eating Pizza and a great time dancing with the dancers. We received a number of thank you letters from the guests attending the HHS session. I will bring them to the Rotary meeting on Tuesday so all can read them.

The visit to “Broomfield Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center” on Friday morning was especially touching this year. A few tears from seniors, as they reminisced past memories, prompted moist eyes of emotion from Rotarians, including me. A special “Thank You” to Carolyn Crouse for leading us again this year in “Festive Christmas Carols” as we followed Santa from room to room as he gave a Christmas bear to each senior.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. has a new location on 119th and Saulsbury St. which is close to their original house. The new building provides lots of room and amenities for the adults with developmental disabilities. They now have 36 members ages 20 to 54. They have been in their new facility since the end of October. The entire group was all excited to see Santa and excited to show off their presents from Santa.

Santa sends his Christmas Greetings and wishes you all a “Merry Christmas.”
We should all be very proud of our Club and the good we bring to the Broomfield Community.
And a Very Special Thanks to Larry Hendershot for organizing.

Thanks again for all your support.