We received a large envelope full of thank you notes from the class for the books our Rotary Club gave to each student before the holiday break in December. Here’s a short summary of some of them. We will keep the collection for viewing once we all are back together face-to-face.
As usual the Rotary comes through for our Emerald kids again! We couldn’t be more appreciative of our partnership with you all!! Thank you – Fifth Grade Emerald, Melissa Duran & Carrie Troxel teachers.
…and from the students…
Dear Broomfield Rotary Crossing – Thank you for the book. The one I got was White Fang. I’m at the beginning and I will be reading even more. I also appreciate everything else you’ve done for this school. It means a lot to everyone. Sincerely, Phoebe B.
Dear Broomfield Crossing Rotary, Thank you for the books. I got White Fang and I surprisingly found a book I like as much as Wings of Fire, the series I am currently reading. This book is great and I have it because of you, I thank you. Your commitment to Emerald Elementary is outstanding and you keep helping every year. Thank you for all your help. Sincerely Declyn G. P.S. I might have spelled a few things wrong, if so, sorry.
Dear Broomfield Rotary Club, Thank you for White Fang. I just started it and it is so good. I appreciate your community partnership. Sincerely, Emilie K.
Dear Broomfield Rotary Crossing, I thank you for the book you’ve given me the last years. I greatly appreciate your love and care for choosing this school to support. This year I have the book “42 isn’t just a number” and I like it a lot, with a passion. Sincerely, Julia.
Dear Broomfield Rotary Crossing, Thank you for the book war heros. I appreciate you giving the 5 graders all books. Also thank you for giving back to Emerald. I appreciate the Broomfield Rotary Crossings community partnership. Sincerely, Carson B.