SERVICE ABOVE SELF --- This is our motto as Rotarians.
Each week, we take this oath seriously as we re-package commodities from 50-100 pound bags into smaller and more manageable 1-2 pound bags. The commodities change weekly from beans, oatmeal, rice, laundry detergent, flour and sugar. The commodities are purchased by either our club or Broomfield FISH, with whom we collaborate. Once the re-packaged bags are ready, they are placed on the shelves at Broomfield FISH for client to have as part of their shopping.
We are fortunate that friends and family members of our Rotarians will regularly join us to help make the work go faster. It is a lot of fun, also!
Thanks to this week's volunteers: Alice, Jan, Jo, Larry, Gary, Bill, Yangjie and M. and R. Worker. The world is a better place because of you.