Jul 12, 2022 7:15 AM
Justin Kruger
Project Helping

The Project Helping mission is to improve mental wellness through accessible experiences that create purpose and connection.  Justin's story is amazing and truly genuine, as Justin speaks from his heart and personal experience openly and sincerely.

Justin is the Founder and CEO of Project Helping, a Denver-based mental wellness organization. He grew up in a ridiculously small town in Iowa. He studied finance and economics, which he now doesn’t use at all. He instead played golf professionally before starting a career in the golf industry. Over 15 years he did all the jobs one could find in this industry, most notably staying with PING golf for almost 10 years. His personal struggle with mental wellness led him to leave the golf business behind to start Project Helping and providing purpose, connection, and mental wellness through kyndfulness.

Justin Kruger
Founder, Project Helping