Aug 06, 2024 7:10 AM
Jordan Long
Revital Colorado

Topic: Jordan will be meeting with our group to tell us all about Revital Colorado and the important work they do as it relates to mental health for first responders.

Bio: Jordan Long is the founder and CEO of Revital Colorado, which aims to be a lifeline for our frontline! His passion and vision for helping our first responder community comes from years of personal experience. He is a former Firefighter/Paramedic. Jordans service with SWAC/Adams County Fire Department and Emergency room trauma units gave him a Birdseye view of the challenges nearly every first responder faces during their years of service. These challenges range from mental health issues to PTSD, broken families, alcohol and drug dependence and sleep deprivation. These challenges were not only obvious to Jordan, but he personally experienced a few of the challenges himself and this gave him a passionate vision to start Revital to offer life changing support to the heroes in our communities. Revital takes a proactive approach to mental health and wellness by providing healthy platforms for connection and relationship building which often lead to hopeful conversations as well as spiritual, emotional and physical support during multiple activities. Revital takes each first responder on trips ranging from fly fishing, horseback, archery, golf and many more. Jordan has discovered that these outdoor experiences have had such a positive powerful impact on each participant and have led to real life change. Jordan’s vision has become a true bridge connecting every first responder desiring help to the resources they need to live healthy and happy lives. Jordans passions for hard work, determination and inspiring others started as a young athlete who would eventually become a college basketball player who achieved great success in his career. This led to successful businesses as the co-founder of EYG Basketball and RoughRiders Basketball. For the past 7 years these organizations have helped literally thousands of young basketball players achieve their highest potential. Jordan’s top priority is his wife of nearly 10 years Kym and his precious children Kinzlee 7 and Jace 6.